Wednesday, 9 November 2011

One Of Those Days....

Well what can I say about today??? It has been stressful, fast paced and LONG! I can feel my eyes closing but the work is still mounting up and up and up. It seems never ending! I managed to talk to my lectuerer today and discuss with her my final collection, she suggested one or two very LARGE changes but I can go with it as it means me doing less work! YEY! I spoke to a very nice man at Elle Poo Paper today, he was called Graham and he has agreed to sponsor me for my final degree collection. He was so polite and so kind! I have to say if you havent worked on Elle Poo Paper before I urge you to do it! Its such good quality paper and if you only want the odd sheet its not that expensive either! Im told by my gran that it is quick and easy to order! So get yourselves over to Elle Poo Paper people!!!!!!

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