Monday, 14 November 2011

Jessica Walker sponsored by ELLIE POO PAPER

There are times when you wish the internet would allow the reader to reach out and feel the image! I wish I could have this technology invented for you...on Staurday afternoon I went to my post box and found an A4 envelope in there. It contained some of the most textural and interesting paper I have seen in a long time. Yes from this you can tell I am a paper nut!!! I love paper that is textural, interesting and innovative! Elle Poo Paper has all of this! Even the note Graham sent with the paper is some of the greatest note paper I have seen in a long time! If you are following my blog and you are a paper nut just like me that please go on over to Ellie Poo Paper! I swear you wont be dissapointed....I sure wasn't!

Me and my friend Hollie Stevens love the label for Ellie Poo Paper!

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