Friday, 15 June 2012

Degree Show!

Hollie Stevens can be found at I have had the honor to design along side Hollie for 3 years now. We have laughed, cried and cheered. Now she has finished and produced a selection of innovative interactive children's wallpaper designs! All I have to say to Hollie is....CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR FIRST! Hollie wishes to open her own company designing children's wallpaper's. She use sophisticated and unique colour ways to add variety and interest to her design collections. Hollie is a passionate worker and has taught me how to look at a design and see its true potential. Images and designs are © 2012 Hollie Stevens

Emma Stein can be found at Emma has based her final collection on secret desires. We all have them! Emma started her project off designing for interiors but after amazing feedback from New York, Emma changed to sports wear, she has designed a collection I love for snowboarding. Emma is a creative and colourful person. For a quiet young lady she certainly knows how to use her design voice! Images and designs are © 2012 Emma Stein

Michelle Burton is a card and gift designer, she can be found at Michelle based her project around New York. I love Michelle's final outcome but my favourite part of Michelle's work has to be her drawings! Michelle designs and draws the same way she comes across as a person, quirky, fun and very creative! Well done Michelle. Images and designs are © 2012 Michelle Burton 

And here's my degree show!!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Time to get the Soapbox out.

Well we are nearing the end of my classes degree show. Its been fun. I have talked to a WIDE variety of people. We have had schools and colleges come and go. I have to say I am impressed. When I was a school/college student I was terrified to approach a designer. I am glad to see that this generation has pulled away from that. I have answered so many questions and talked about designs until my head hurts. But I am so happy to talk to future designers. If there is on piece of information I can give to anyone planning on doing a degree in Textiles, be it at Cleveland College or at any other, it is this....

Make sure you are organised and have fun with it!!!

I have had so much fun doing my dgree and I have to say that I am sad to see these years go but I am so excited to see what happens next! I am always here to answer questions or just have a "chit chat" about desigenrs! feel free to e-mail me on

Photos of our degree show will go up as soon as I recieve permission from the other students :)

Speak soon!