Friday, 21 October 2011

The Making Has Begun....

Fabric has been screen printed with a Cherry Red Pigment, the fabric has been dipped into a Acid Fushia dye bath for 1 minute. (This was to acheive such a pale pink). The base fabric is Calico. I machine stitched along the seam edge, leaving a gap 2 inchs wide to turn it the right way around. I then stuffed it with basic stuffing (If i was to make this for the market I would stuff it with completely dry sand). I then closed the gap by using a slip stitch. Please follow this link for a book that helped me make my Pincushions: This book has helped me a great deal and I recommend it for someone who needs a helping hand making pincushions, bags or pillows.

An phone holder - same size as an iPhone.

A pillow stuffed with a cherry scent.

A basic Tote Bag!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Print Room + Pigment = Messy Me

I have screen printed this wrapping design onto peral coloured paper, I like the effect, but I feel as if the flowers could work better. More experimentation is needed with the hands.

The flowers really have not worked on this design, the colours are too close to eachother to work properly. I have printed on graph paper.

Teapot and teacups pritned with chocolate brown pigment onto graph paper.