Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Fabric Gift Wrap

How I have achieved this affect:


- Fabric

- Emulsion

- Roller or paint brush

- Pins or masking tape

- Photocopies of image

- Ink or dye

- Hair dryer

- Screen Printing equipment

Step 1: Iorn fabric and pin or stick to the table, ensure it wont more or your background will not be flat.
Step 2: Roll or brush on Emulsion (colour of your choosing I have used cream and a roller to get a flat background).
Step 3: Place photocopies, image down onto the emulsion. Ensure the images are completely flat before leaving to dry or drying with a hair dryer. (Takes over night to dry completely).
Step 4: When dry peel off the paper and your image will be left on the background.
Step 5: Sand papering the design will take the stiffness out of the fabric, you can place other colours over the top to add to your background. I have used a Procion Black Dye. Then leave to dry.
Step 6: Once dry you can then screen print your design onto the fabric.
Step 7: Once dry you can trim it down and enjoy your re-usable gift wrap.

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